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The TeamMeet the People Behind Chimera


Core Developers

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Enrik Prifti

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Laura Richards

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Alex Ward

Technical Lead
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Nora Mirone

QA Lead

InPhaRes Team

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Mario Pinza

PhD in Chemistry, Faculty of  chemistry University of Parma

Nationality: Italian

Residence: Milano, Italy

Fields of interest: Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Analysis

Past positions: During his career, he fulfilled, among others, the positions of R&D Director at ISF (an Italian subsidiary of the SKF, now GSK, group) and at ACRAF (Angelini)

Current position: President and CEO of Aphad S.r.l.




Renate Moser

PhD in biochemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz

Nationality: Austrian

Residence: Vienna, Austria

Fields of interest: Marketing and Business development for Pharma Industry and life Sciences

Past positions: Business Development Director at Austrianova Biotechnology GmbH, marketing and Business Development Manager at Gerot Pharmazeutika GmbH.

Current position: CEO Renate Moser Consulting




Alberto Campana

PhD in Biological Sciences, University «La Sapienza» Of Rome

Nationality: Italian

Residence: Rome, Italy

Fields of interest: Preclinical development

Past positions: During his career, he fulfilled the position of Responsible of Microbiology for Thiamphenicol at Zambon; Head of Toxicology at ACRAF (Angelini)

Current position: Independent consultant




Giovanni Battista Ciottoli

PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Pharmacy University of Florence

Nationality: Italian

Residence: Rome, Italy

Fields of interest: Project Management, Drug Development from Drug Substance to Preclinical & Clinical Development

Past positions: During his career he fulfilled among others, the position of Head of Project Management, Head of Preclincial Development and R&D Associated Director at ACRAF (Angelini); Project leader of Prulifloxacin Development.

Current position: Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Technologies at Tor Vergata Rome University




Jadranka Rogan

MD, PhD, School of Medicine, University of Zagreb

Nationality: Austrian

Residence: Vienna, Austria

Fields of interest: Clinical research, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory affairs

Past positions: In her 25 years service to Pharma Industry she covered positions of Medical director for Farmitalia carlo Erba office for Eastern Europe, CSC Pharmaceuticals ans Cyathus Exquirere, Viena. Also she ran the Regulatory affairs office and Pharmacovigilance for CSC Pharmaceuticals and was Qualified person for Pharmacovigilance (EUQPPV) for Cyathus Exquirere.

Current position: CEO Inphares GmbH, Vienna


Support Assistants

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Joe Jensen

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Tessa Page

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Eric Timofti

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Lydia Back

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Luca Coyle