• InPhaRes is a network of professionals

    InPhaRes is an international NETWORK of professionals with key expertize in medicinal product development from discovery to marketing authorization.
  • Clinical development, statistics and data management

    IIs a accountable and reliable partner for Pharma Industry and Academia in the complex and challenging area of clinical research and development.
  • Preclinical CRO

    Organization and set up of preclinical in vitro and vivo (animal) studies
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More about us and our services

A good reputation is difficult to earn, easy to lose and almost impossible to regain. We are ethical and trustworthy in all of our business and interpersonal relationships.

A Wide Network

InPhaRes is a network of specialists committed to promoting excellence and professional services in pharmaceutical development and medicine.


Experts in Different Fields

We are engaged in all aspects of discovery, formulation, testing, development and application of drugs, devices food supplements and biologicals.


From Medical Practice to Business and Education

Professionals in research and medical practice, business activities, regulatory affairs, advocacy, education and other professional endeavors.


Our Mission...

To carry out professional biologic, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and biostatistical research aiming at the innovative drug discovery.


Recent Projects

Just a short mention of our latest projects...